Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Moment Is Coming...

It's been what feels like a lifetime since I last posted on here... University and life in general took over :(
What a theme to come back into the blogging world with though! This manicure has the theme of Doctor Who - the longest running British sci-fi drama and quite frankly, my absolute favourite. On 23rd November 2013, Doctor Who experienced it's 50th birthday - you can almost imagine my intense excitement when my boyfriend and I won tickets to the official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration!

To commemorate this wonderfully nerdy day, I decided to come back to the nail world and attend the event with these...

Dalek, Doctor's suit, TARDIS, Cyberman

Nail varnishes used:
Gold Foil - Barry M
Silver Foil - Barry M
Cyan Blue - Barry M
Matt White - Barry M
Blackberry - Barry M
Clear Base/Top Coat - Barry M
Black Taxi - Rimmel
Burgundy - Natural Collection
ParticuliƩre - Chanel
Metallic Saturn - w7

(There was an Adipose - for those of you who know Doctor Who, on my thumb but it got ruined in the rush to get to the event sadly)

I must admit, photographs are not going to be great for now... I don't have photoshop on my new laptop and I no longer have my snazzy camera, but these will do in the mean time.

Although this manicure took a hell of a long time and lots of layers of nail varnish, I thoroughly enjoyed taking the time to do my nails again, especially with such as theme as Doctor Who. The event itself held many pinnacle moments to look back on fondly, including being able to watch the 50th anniversary episode at the there. The likes of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) was there alongside his companion Clara and show-runner Steven Moffat. Not to mention some of the old Doctors: Sylvester McCoy, Collin Baker, Peter Davidson and Tom Baker (for those of you who love Doctor Who also, you will understand how epic it felt to be in the same room as them and hear what they had to say). The BBC did a brilliant job of keeping 'Whovians' very entertained in between talks and shows by setting out stalls where you could learn how prosthetics are applied in the show (a personal favourite of mine) along with how stunts are done and tonnes of costumes that were actually used in the show.