Saturday, 21 July 2012

Shattered Dreams

So my 18th birthday was on July 3rd and I got some new 'full nail' stamps! Was immensely excited to use them and I finally have a chance to do a post on them now :)
They're not the originals, but they work just as well and you can get them off of Amazon in a bundle for a good price ;) Really had trouble with picking one design to do today and I can't wait to use the rest :)

Here is my final design...

Apologies for the messyness!
I actually made my very own light box with a few techniques I learnt in my
Photography AS in terms of lighting and it's made a brilliant difference to
my photos :) Also they're very easy to make! Search on google and plenty of people
have tutorials?

Stamping plate I used

LOVE the shattered effect - hence 'Shattered Dreams' ?
Thought this post was pretty self explanatory? :P

Models Own 'Indian Ocean'

Hey guys, I've realised that I have been doing a lot of swatch posts recently, but I discovered some nail varnishes that your eyes need to be exposed to! I went on a little shopping trip to Westfield Stratford recently and acquired my very first Models Own nail varnish and yes... I was very happy to now have one in my possession!! :D
I really do love this polish and have seen it being swatched on various blogs, but I thought I would post it layered with a few different colours and experiment a little. So here it is... 'Indian Ocean' by Models Own as part of the 'Beetlejuice Collection'.

As you can see on the finger next to the pinky, the nail varnish itself is pretty sheer
and so it's one of those which needs to be layered for the full effect,
though I actually didn't mind it on it's own. Didn't really need a top coat as it's smooth
enough when dry! Isn't a pain to get off either, even though it has glitter.
Nail varnish used: Black by Beauty UK, Sunshine by Rimmel, Misty Jade by
Rimmel & White by Barry M

The only negative thing when wearing 'Indian Ocean' on it's own is that because it's sheer, it shows your white nail tip and so sometimes it can make your nails look a little dirty. Though over all, I think it's a pretty good buy - you get a different effect depending on which colour you use as a base. I'm not into Pink to be honest, but I think it looks pretty good layered on top of the black - would be useful for a galaxy inspired nail design? ;) My personal favourite would probably be with the Misty Jade base. For each of these, I put one coat of the coloured base and 2 coats of 'Indian Ocean'.

You can usually find them in stores like Superdrug/Boots for £5.00 of on their website :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Whatever You Want To Call This Post!

I thought it was about time I blogged about an amazing night (and next day!) filled with my nearest and dearest beautiful people, music, dancing (including the macarena...), cupcakes, dresses, suits, heels and of course the inevitable ACHING FEET.
You know when men feel they have to assert their manlyness by fighting... or whatever it is they do? Well, I guess a woman is expressing her femininity by testing her endurance of how long she can keep her massive heels on during a night full of dancing :P
The incrediable night I am talking about is indeed my Year 13 Leavers Prom! I just want to begin the tale by sharing my love for all of the beautiful ladies who have kept me sane (or insane... whichever way you wanna take that?!) for the past 7 years and although we said all of this during Graduation - it really has been the best 7 years of my life! :) <3

So without further ado, I ought to show you my prom nails, of course...
Apologies for the lack of photos of my actual nails lol and the quality of them - I was overwhelmed by getting ready and the night in general.

I used: Electric Beige by Miss Sporty, Black by Beauty UK & Studs
I think the Electric Beige really complimented the colour of my dress - it was a kind of peachy lace dress:

Looks kinda pink here and I hate pink :(
Pre prom prep ;) - Nicole & I <3

It was a brilliant night followed by the next day at my friend Nicole's house with all the girls - we had a massive 'swapsies' session involving loads of unwanted clothes and jewellery. I came out of it successfully having given away stuff I didn't want to either friends or charity and received a lovely dress, cardigan, leotard  and accesories :) I seriously recommend it for groups of girlfriends as a fun day as well as a productive one! Luckily it was a sunny day and was heavily inspired by Gok Wan ;)

My friend makes amazingly yummy and
yummy looking cupcakes! For a batch &
price quote - contact me :)

I also thought I would show you what's been going on with my nails in the mean time as I've been a bit random with them when going out to BBQ's and other events (again sorry for the lack of quality photographs - it was a rush!)

I got a little experimental and decided to apply blue lace to
my nails - all you need is a base colour, top coat, lace and a pair
of scissors!

And here are my strawberry nails :) All you need are the right
colours and a dotting tool

So I've decided that I'm going to end this random post with another random little thing and leave you all with a photo of my lovely holiday to Cornwall :)