Saturday, 30 June 2012

Revlon's Matte 'Emerald City'

Hey guys!

I'm not a massive fan of swatch posts, even though a lot of nail bloggers do them often - just think they're a little boring! :( But I think the occassional swatch on a nail varnish that is a bit different is useful. So today's swatch post will be on one I did a while ago of one of new favourite nail varnishes. This one is called Emerald City (Which I love! Because it reminds me of the best childhood film ever - The Wizard of Oz!) and it's part of Revlon's Matte Collection - my nail buddy Nada got this one for me, so many thanks to her :)

At first I wasn't too keen, it seemed pretty liquidy and kind of watery but once it was on my nails I instantly fell in love! Now I'm on a hunt for more matte polishes and top coats. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to buy a matte top coat, but I will get one and review it asap.

Natural light

I put on two coats in this swatch, because I wanted the Emerald Green to look real opaque and matte, it kinda makes people look twice - you don't expect a nail varnish to usually look so full and matte in a good way and I do like the effect of not having a gloss to your nail varnish. You could get away with just one coat and probably a matte top coat, but I wasn't entirely happy with that so I opted for a second. One thing I was also impressed with was the time it took to dry ... SO FAST! And so convenient!

Artificial Light - Flash

Natural Light

Totally recommend this nail varnish to everyone :) It's a really deep and rich colour and pretty much looks good with everything. Thanks for reading and I'll update you all in my next post on how my prom nails went and what I got up to :)

Goodnight x

Ps. I was totally meant to update you guys on my new hair! :)


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Golden Swirls

Hello from the land of revision zombies O_O
A few things have happened since I last posted on here causing delays and nail withdrawal symptoms, but I'm reunited again and boyyyy, does it feel good!
This has pretty much been my life for a good couple of months whilst I plowed through 5 exams - took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I finally got there in the end gaining freedom on the afternoon of the 20th July. Literally felt like I had escaped house and daylight arrest after 94883647634 years...
I lived in a house of messy papers, became a caffeine addict, had permanently scraped back hair and was always in a state of grumpyness when someone interrupted my silence - all to play the dreaded waiting game until DOOMS DAY: 16th August (Results Day) I've never wanted anything so much in my life before, to be honest. Going to university and studying Law means getting one step closer to what I've always wanted to do, no matter how cliché it may sound! *soppy*

Anyway, now I feel as free as a bird, literally. I can finally spend my summer chillin', reading the books leisurely, complete the Assassin's Creed games, NAIL BLOG (of course!), spend time with loved ones and party for my 18th ;) (Which is only 9 days away!!) Revision period is always one of those times where even people who LOVE to eat like me, completely forget to due to lack of appetite and stress unfortunately so my friends and I treated ourselves to a well deserved pig out at Pizza Hut buffet straight after our last exam :)

So when I actually had a chance to make my nails look pretty, you can't imagine the amount of satisfaction I felt... Today's nails will be called 'Gold Swirls' because it's self explanatory! I really really like this design and it's actually quite simple when applying if you have the stamps and plates.

I know I've used this stamping plate a few times before but it's one of my favourites and I find that it makes really unique effects when mixing up the colour schemes. At the moment, these are the two colours that I think go best together for this design. You can find the plate that I used on my post on Day 6 of the Black & White Challenge here.

I used W7 - Metallic Saturn, Barry M - Red Black
& Barry M Base/Top Coat

Goodnight from a very tired nail blogger x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 7 *Black & White Challenge* - Moonies Are Back!

'Moonies Are Back!'

Today's mani theme was the famous half-moon manicure! But with some sort of black/white... I think I'm gonna give up apologising about the lateness because you all know... The challenge essentially has actually finished, but my posts are not quite there yet :P
Here's my little take on this theme, hope you like it - it's pretty self explanatory.

These are the nail varnishes I used, along with a small headed dotting
tool and some circular half-moon mani stickers that Nada
kindly gave me <3
I actually really liked the way this design looked, no matter how simple it is. I especially like the way the w7 'Metallic Saturn' looks with the black. I know I'll be taking my time in doing this one next time I'm rockin' the little black dress next time I'm out :)

I know this post was pretty short, thought I would explain it all with photos this time, saves you all reading my rambling thoughts that are typed out on here ;)
Let me know what you think of this little number!

Check out Nada's & Charlotte's posts here.

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Adios amigos x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beauty UK - 'Cafe Culture' Swatch!

Hello bloggers & blog followers!

Hope you're all having fun Jubilee celebrations, I've definitely had a good past couple of days! :)
London is ABSOLUTELY jam packed with as many Union Jacks as there could possibly be, but it's nice to see everyone coming together *soppyness* ...
Anyway! I decided to do a little swatch the other day on one nail varnish of the haul I've had recently. It's nothing big, or special, or even expensive in the slightest! I just thought it was a really nice colour to add to my collection of polishes :)
I made my way to Superdrug, knowing that they were doing a 2 For 1 on all cosmetics (BOOYAH!) and fully knowing that I was most likely to buy lots of nail varnish...

This polish by Beauty UK is called 'Cafe Culture' and is only a shocking £1.99! Except I probably got it for free because of the offer xD Even though most good nail varnishes are pretty damn expensive (OPI, Essie, w7, etc) I think Beauty UK are actually a pretty good brand! They don't get clogged up easily and they smooth when applying - so it's a thumbs up from me!

To be honest, it was a massive change from my usually vibrant and busy nails, so people actually noticed that they were a plain colour for once! But less can be just as nice as more, so I kept it simple this weekend after rockin' my crazy union jack nails. This swatch only took two coats to be opaque and I really love the nudity of the colour - very natural and simplistic.

If you happen to buy any Beauty UK - swatch it, capture it and show me :)

Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 6 *Black & White Challenge* - Gradient Shmadient

'Gradient Shmadient'

Apologies for the late post!
I had a total creative block with this one and I hit smack. bang. into a brick wall alright :( Nevertheless I had to come up with something, so I rocked this little number on my nails for the gradient base with black part of the challenge! Not the biggest fan of the way it turned out, but hey ho, here you go ;)

For this design I decided to crack out my stamping plates - the same one that Nada used for her Day 1! Its a pretty unusual pattern and I quite like it :) Bit difficult to get it to fit your entire nail though, unless you have small/thin nails - which I kinda do! But not thin enough...?

These are the nail polishes I used!

Didn't really take me too long, but if you're going to apply stamps over a gradient base, you should ensure that the gradient base is fully dry otherwise it will all stick together and smudge and you won't get a good effect :( Patience is a virtue! :)

Hope you enjoy & thanks for reading! x

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