Sunday, 26 February 2012

Love Heart Nail Tutorial

Spread a little love this year...
Although Valentine's Day has been and gone this year, I thought this cute, very simple and quite girly nail design really boosted the occasion! If you're fast and steady handed, it could take you about 30 minutes or less. You might think 30 mins is quite long but I wanted to get the heart shapes just right. Here are a few steps on how to do this design...


150 Red Glitter by Barry M
66 White Matt by Barry M
54 Clear by Barry M - (Base & Top Coat)

Dotting Tool - A thin one allows more control and that way it's easier to create small hearts.
NEVER FEAR.... If you don't have a dotting tool then you could make do with a toothpick of something which is similar with a small surface area! However, they do get clogged up with dry nail varnish easily if you're using the same one, so you will probably need more than one toothpick.
(I will be writing a post blog about how to use brushes and where I got mine from, so watch this space!) 


Get yourself some base coat and apply to all of your nails as you would do normally.

Apply first coat of Barry M Red Glitter - it doesn't matter if the nail does not look 'filled' with glitter and colour as it's only the first coat. Make sure this is all dry before the next few steps (surprisingly this nail varnish actually dried real quick!)
First coat 
Second coat


                                                   STEP 3:
Next is where the dotting tool comes in handy. Dip your tool into the white so that you have enough to make a dot that is a little bigger than the tip of the tool.

Spread the blob of white out on both sides and start forming a heart shape - keep adding more nail varnish to perfect the outline and to fill out the shape. Try to be steady and be patient!

Repeat this twice more however big or small you want!
Small ones will probably look cuter :)

Hopefully this is what you will end up with on
your thumb! I only decided to do it on one
nail because I thought it would look a bit much on
all of them but it's entirely up to you!

Hope this helps! Enjoy little nail artists :) x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hairdresser or Hairmesser?!

Casually just sitting in the hairdressers with my mum, waiting for her hair to be washed, dried and cut to perfection. Is it really perfection though? I'm not criticising them (majorly) because they could do a better job than me! But don't you find that a hairdresser in a shop will never cut your hair the way you tell them you want it?! You could have been up all night thinking it (maybe not) or spent a week trying to get your desired look right! Only to know that when you tell them (as I have in past experiences) that you want layers and you want it to be this short or long and that you want this kind of fringe... You almost always get the response "I can do this... but I can do that, because your hair will be too thin and it will look odd" In which the natural and non-rude response (I guess!) would be "Oh... Okay then :("
I love getting my hair done and looking like a new me! But I also like to look a previously desired and conceptualised way! Don't you?
Just something that got to me... Considering when my mum's hairdresser friend cut my hair on a one-off occasion, she did it perfectly fine! exactly the way I wanted it and I was One. Happy. Bunny. :) with awesome hair ;D

Hairdresser rant over! x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Who Am I?

Good question - Who am I?

Hola Blog World!
Please feel free to welcome an amateur blogger such as me!
Okay so Blogger deleted my first draft of this, so I will have to start all over again :(
Here I am, listening to the electric 80's by the likes of Billy Idol, Guns N' Roses, Blondie & one of my most favourite bands - Madness! I've been told that I was born in the wrong era and to be honest, I totally agree. I wish I was born when my parents were so I could experience the MASSIVE hair, baggy/ripped clothing and outrageous music videos!
Call me crazy, but a girl can dream, right?

Lets cut to the point. My name is Aroosa but most people call me Roo - one of the MANY random nicknames (Roobarb, Rooasaurus, Rooberry, Roos, Rooben, etc)
I'm 17 years old and a Summer baby at that! 3rd JULY - DON'T FORGET.
I'm not religious - just moral.
I really am tiny - only 5ft!

Currently in Year 13 - A Levels: Sociology, Psychology and English Literature & Photography at AS
So I do like to snap some shots of the beautiful world if and when I can.
The dream is to pursue a Law degree in September and become a Barrister :)
Originally, I created a blog to inspire and be inspired by fashion and nail art especially, as I'm keen and creative in that department, but then I figured it is a good form of therapy too...
Nail art has pretty much become a fun hobby for me so I will be posting nail designs and tutorials for those fellow nail artists out there :)

Follow me if you like - I don't bite.. much?
Twitter: @rooasaurus
YouTube: RoosNailArt