Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 5 *Black & White Challenge* - Fit For A Queen!

'Fit For A Queen'

"There ain't no black in the Union Jack" - Gilroy, Sociologist.
Well, there is in mine and an accent nail at that, too! You guessed it... My design for Day 5 has indeed been inspired by the Queen's Jubilee on June 5th, so I thought I would pay my tributes to that in terms of nails :) This time, I really did get creative and it's by far one of my favourite nail designs!

Here are the nail varnishes I used for this!

This was totally free hand using my nifty little brushes and I decided to jazz it up with an accent nail - black, white and glittery union jack, just to add some presence. I think the Queen would be impressed? ;)
Usually people ask me: "Did that take you long?!" and I often reply with "Nope, not really" but for reals, this time IT TOOK LONGGGGGG. Like forever. Like over an hour.
So folks, don't try this one out if you really don't have patience :P (Which I don't usually have a lot of surprisingly...)
Recently, the weather has been uber kind to us in England! SO HOT. Considering its only May! But I'm not complaining :) So I embraced the sun with open arms, some friends, a picnic blanket and of course... Starbucks! The nails have really matched the atmosphere where I live, everyone's getting patriotic and all summery and I love it!

Me and my chum Hazel sunnin' up :)

I decided that my nails matched what I wore in terms of British style - Burberry/Tartany cropped trousers and a cute little cherry flow skirt. I guess I really embraced the 70's/80's and 50's look whilst these babies were my nails!

Hope you all liked this design just as much as I do :) Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
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So get festive & enjoy! x

DAY 4 *Black & White Challenge* - Cosmic Stripe

'Cosmic Stripe'

Apologies little nail followers for the extreme lateness with this post and consequently with Day 5 too :( As I said at the beginning of the challenge, lots of things will be happening and changing at this point in my life, so there will inevitably be lateness and of course everyone knows that I am #foreverlate... for everything.
However, I done it! It is here! And I hope you like it!
I introduce to you all... Day 4 of the challenge... ! (Which I decided to name 'Cosmic Stripe' because I guess it kinda reminded me of spaceyness...)

From left to right:
LA COLOURS (Star Light), Barry M (Base & Top Coat), W7 (Cosmic Green),
Beauty UK (Black No.6) - I used a brush & sponge too.

If I'm honest, I could have used some nail tape tomake straight lines but I'm not a massive fan of lots of glitter on my nails all the time so I kinda took it off straight after! Glitter is a PAIN IN THE BUM. So I opted out of the hassle of taking it off. I sponged on some glitter to make a gradient style on the nails which aren't striped and then decided I wanted to make use of some of the coloured glitter nail varnishes I own and added in Cosmic Green. It took quite a few coats of Star Light to look fully.. glittered up, but I got there eventually!

On the plus side, I finally got some storage for all my nail and beauty stuff, now I won't have everyone nagging at me to organise my nail stuff that I leave everywhere xD

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Adios mis amigos x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

DAY 3 *Black & White Challenge* - Lithium


Today's nail design involves a band that I mentioned in my last post - they're such a blast from the past for me at the moment and I'm just getting back into listening to them. Ahh good old nostalgia :') The name of this design is after one of there songs.
That's right... You guessed it! My nails have indeed been inspired by the one and only Nirvana.

From left to right:
Dave Grohl (Drummer)
Kurt Cobain (Vocalist/Guitarist)
Krist Novoselic (Bassist)

For this design, I used quite a few nail polishes (5 to be exact...), some studs - which I love so much and can't get enough of (seriously) and a longish tipped brush - but not the longest, because lots of precision and patience was needed!

Hope this photo isn't too small?!

I made sure that on each nail I could do something different, yet colours or a symbol that may represent the band. Feast your eyes on these babies! - Which I am so happy with :)

My precious studs! :)

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Hope you enjoyed this little post, keep your eyes peeled for Day 4 - Every cloud has a glittery lining!

Adios amigos x

Friday, 18 May 2012

DAY 2 *Black & White Challenge* - Skulls

Hey guys,
So I'm sitting here listening to Nirvana (haven't done so in SO long), blogging about my nail addiction and couldn't give a damn about revision tonight! Had enough of that all day :| No rest for the wicked eh?!
I did my nails and sat back with a smile of content on my face :) Guess my nails reflect my choice of music today - if you haven't heard of Nirvana (especially Smells Like Teen Spirit) then you're actually mad.

Today's Day 2 nails of the challenge involved my stamper, scraper and stamping plates, oh and not to mention - the AWESOME studs I ordered off of eBay to add some presence and texture. If I do say so myself, I think they really do compliment the design!

eBay - £2.88 (1.5 mm silver circle studs)

Plate m39

Plate m45

Here are the nail varnishes I used for this one - they're not the best quality but its what I have at the moment. I really need to stock up on some more asap...

So here are some photos of my final design, hope you all like it and let me know what you think! :)

Stay tuned for Day 3 of the nail challenge!
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Bai x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

DAY 1 *Black & White Challenge* - Barcodes R Us!

Good evening blog readers!
I am SO sincerely sorry for the late blog post - so much has been occurring in the daily life of the tiny little Aroosa.
Revision. Exams. Graduation (MOST EMOTIONAL DAY EVER! ;__;) and I've been oh so ill recently with Gastroenteritis (horrible bug indeed) :( So please find it in your sweet hearts to forgive my day of lateness with this post?! <3
Here's a cheeky little photo of me and my bestest friend Saranya on Graduation Day...

Officially, mine and Nada's challenge started yesterday but as I was stuck to my bed with a fever, I decided to post today instead and although it's kinda messy, I gave it a go! (But it was bloody hard when you're so shaky...)
I went for something pretty cool for my first day, instead of a pattern, you know just for the lols? xD
So here you have it... BARCODE NAILS! *cue light from heaven and rejoicing choir*

This post is pretty messed up :( I'm very unorganised today! I'm on a new PC, which hasn't got my Photoshop or anything on it so I haven't been able to add my copyright mark over the photos in a snazzy way and I refuse to use Paint! xD So you guys will have to just bare with me temporarily. Also, I apologise for the poor quality of photos, etc, I do admit it was all a little rushed.
Not my best or my favourite design, but hey! I gave it a go and I hope you can see the kind of idea I was going for :)

To check out Nada's design, just click on the link!

Day 1 is done & dusted! Stay tuned for tomorrow's Day 2...

Day 1: White Base With Black

Goodnight xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Coming Soon To A Computer Screen Near You...

Hey guys!
Just thought I would update you all on a little event that will be taking place quite soon, so get your nail brushes, dotting tools and of course, nail varnishes at the ready! Recently, I met up with my fellow nailoholic Nada for a coffee in Starbucks (yum!) in the quest for a NAIL CHALLENGE! *cue dramatic movie music*

After being inspired by the massively known nail bloggers such as The Nailasaurus and others, we decided to come up with our own Black & White Challenge.

Here's the original Black & White Challenge:

And this is our modified version which we will have fun carrying out during May and June! I can't promise that my posts will be on time :( as I am FOREVER LATE - fact.
Also, I am currently nervously anticipating my A Level final exams in May/June so I have my head in the books and my mind on university! So please excuse my lateness if it occurs - my bad! o.o

We had such a great little catch up in the making of this challenge and Nada even got to unleash her creative side on my own nails so if you want to check out what did, jump over to her blog :)
So basically, stay tuned people! And watch this space :)

Peace out x