Friday, 17 February 2012

Who Am I?

Good question - Who am I?

Hola Blog World!
Please feel free to welcome an amateur blogger such as me!
Okay so Blogger deleted my first draft of this, so I will have to start all over again :(
Here I am, listening to the electric 80's by the likes of Billy Idol, Guns N' Roses, Blondie & one of my most favourite bands - Madness! I've been told that I was born in the wrong era and to be honest, I totally agree. I wish I was born when my parents were so I could experience the MASSIVE hair, baggy/ripped clothing and outrageous music videos!
Call me crazy, but a girl can dream, right?

Lets cut to the point. My name is Aroosa but most people call me Roo - one of the MANY random nicknames (Roobarb, Rooasaurus, Rooberry, Roos, Rooben, etc)
I'm 17 years old and a Summer baby at that! 3rd JULY - DON'T FORGET.
I'm not religious - just moral.
I really am tiny - only 5ft!

Currently in Year 13 - A Levels: Sociology, Psychology and English Literature & Photography at AS
So I do like to snap some shots of the beautiful world if and when I can.
The dream is to pursue a Law degree in September and become a Barrister :)
Originally, I created a blog to inspire and be inspired by fashion and nail art especially, as I'm keen and creative in that department, but then I figured it is a good form of therapy too...
Nail art has pretty much become a fun hobby for me so I will be posting nail designs and tutorials for those fellow nail artists out there :)

Follow me if you like - I don't bite.. much?
Twitter: @rooasaurus
YouTube: RoosNailArt


  1. I absoluely love these pictures! totally proffesional! make sure no one steals them, copyright them asap before i lose control!

    ~ Nada x

  2. Thanks Nada! I will copyright them asap :) x