Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hairdresser or Hairmesser?!

Casually just sitting in the hairdressers with my mum, waiting for her hair to be washed, dried and cut to perfection. Is it really perfection though? I'm not criticising them (majorly) because they could do a better job than me! But don't you find that a hairdresser in a shop will never cut your hair the way you tell them you want it?! You could have been up all night thinking it (maybe not) or spent a week trying to get your desired look right! Only to know that when you tell them (as I have in past experiences) that you want layers and you want it to be this short or long and that you want this kind of fringe... You almost always get the response "I can do this... but I can do that, because your hair will be too thin and it will look odd" In which the natural and non-rude response (I guess!) would be "Oh... Okay then :("
I love getting my hair done and looking like a new me! But I also like to look a previously desired and conceptualised way! Don't you?
Just something that got to me... Considering when my mum's hairdresser friend cut my hair on a one-off occasion, she did it perfectly fine! exactly the way I wanted it and I was One. Happy. Bunny. :) with awesome hair ;D

Hairdresser rant over! x

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