Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nail Foil Wraps!

Hey guys! I recently noticed that nail wraps seem to be the new 'in' product when it comes to nails and nail art. They're pretty noticeable when you roam around in shops like Topshop and River Island (But they're seriously overpriced!) So I thought I would give 'em a go and search far and wide into the realms of Ebay to find a bargain. Now when I say I found a bargain... I really did!

Picking from a selection, I decided on - S004, S005 & S029 to use on me and my mum. They're £1.99 each (!) and you can get one free if you buy 2.

The only criticism I had was that they're pretty tricky to put on, though it was my first time. They don't come out perfect but they probably would after practice. Also the packet says that they come off after washing your hands a few times with soapy water which I'm not too keen about - otherwise they don't last long, so what's the point? Though all nail wraps are pretty much like that...
However I do like the look of them and once I had applied the Silver ones, they looked quite unusual :)

Here's a few steps on how to apply them:
1. Make sure your nails are clean, cut to a length of your choice and cuticles are pushed back. File them to make the ends smooth and even.
2. Use a buffer file on the tops and ends of the nail to remove any natural oil that may prevent the wrap from sticking, dust and bits of dirt.

3. Measure your finger next to the chosen wrap and peal it off using your index finger and thumb to put in place. Push it down and smooth out the wrap, getting rid of any folds, bubbles, etc. The wraps do stretch so you don't miss out any bits and can cover the nail fully if need be.
4. Cut off the excess with scissors or stretch it over the end and file it off with the sharper side of the file.
5. You can smooth the nail wrap out more with a cuticle pusher and smoother if you wish!
(There are about 16 pieces in the pack so if you get it wrong you can peal it off and replace, it just might be a bit tricky...)

Here's the link for Ebay:

So drop me a comment and let me know how it goes? :)

Over & Out x

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