Monday, 27 August 2012

Brown Skittle Manicure

Good evening my lovely blog readers :)
Today I have a mani for you that did take quite a bit of time and many layers of nail varnish. It also involves my favourite nail varnish at the moment which I have mentioned many times before! That's right, folks, it's my Particuliére shade by Chanel! This baby was expensive, but so worth the money.
I do believe that a 'skittle' manicure consists of a different pattern/design on each nail (apart from nail art being spired by the sweets - Skittles... That's for another day :P) So here is my take on 'skittle' nails, the nail varnishes and the brushes which I used for this design...

So parts of this mani involved 3 main brushes that I tend to use and the rest of it I used my stamps and stamping kit - especially on my right hand... Wasn't the easiest free handing it, to be honest.
The thin brown brush at the top was used for
thin-ish lines (Cross), the middle square brush
was used for the black glitter/gold line & the
thin white brush was used for the legendary

I must say, these plates have come in pretty handy - great thing to invest in!
Here are the nail varnishes I used:
Left to Right:
Particuliére - Chanel, Base/Top Coat - Barry M, Black - Beauty UK,
Metallic Saturn - w7, Cosmic Black - w7
I know I actually use these colours quite a lot but they're pretty basic and make really good base coats due to their versatility! I think this mani was pretty self-explanatory (hence the lack of writing..) It wasn't really inspired by anything, just random patterns and designs I felt like clumping together :)

Give it a go and let me know what you think! x


  1. I love the moustache! Great choice of stamps too.

    Also, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award:

  2. Loveeeeeeee

    and damn Lyndsay beat me to nominating you!

  3. Cute, I have the same Cheeky plate set. Awesome!!