Monday, 13 August 2012

Surprise Swatch!

Now here's something I really didn't expect to be doing...
So I went to my very good friend's BBQ yesterday and had a lovely time catching up with everyone as well as screaming at the TV during Olympic finals, despite feeling hugely self-conscious of my natural but very stained looking nails. How could I forget to paint my nails? - I know, right. To be honest I can be pretty forgetful and clumsy a lot of the time and it just slipped my mind whilst getting ready.
Its totally true when a nail blogger says: Nail varnish has stained my nails I never want to wear it again... Wait, I need to cover up these horrible stains! :(
Eventually, I gave in and asked my friend, Emmi, for some nail varnish and she presented  me with some beauties :D Immediately, I took ... Sorry, I mean borrowed her 'Cuckoo For This Color' by OPI! I know it's a massively known brand and it's pretty damn expensive so I actually hadn't tried any of them out yet, until this very night! Now I realise why it's so loved and why it requires lots of pennies...

(Sorry for the lack of quality photos and the lack of photos themselves, I was painting them whilst watching Tom Daley dive on the absolute edge of my seat and then screamed when it was a good dive - multi-tasking to the max)

As I said, I don't enjoy reading swatch posts very much and so I keep them to a minimum in case others feel the same, but when I saw this amazing deep green/dark teal coloured nail varnish from OPI's Fall 2010 Swiss Collection, I thought it was a must blog. I really do like the versatility of this polish as it pretty much compliments whatever you're wearing.

 The thing I really liked about this polish is that the brush is a good thickness to prevent it going all horrible and clogged up when you apply it, also with one coat the colour was pretty sharp and deep alone, but I always prefer to do two coats for a neat finish and you could see a little bit of my nail.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to invest in some OPI nail varnishes!
Thank you to my good friend Emmi for this surprise swatch :)

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