Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Beauty UK - 'Cafe Culture' Swatch!

Hello bloggers & blog followers!

Hope you're all having fun Jubilee celebrations, I've definitely had a good past couple of days! :)
London is ABSOLUTELY jam packed with as many Union Jacks as there could possibly be, but it's nice to see everyone coming together *soppyness* ...
Anyway! I decided to do a little swatch the other day on one nail varnish of the haul I've had recently. It's nothing big, or special, or even expensive in the slightest! I just thought it was a really nice colour to add to my collection of polishes :)
I made my way to Superdrug, knowing that they were doing a 2 For 1 on all cosmetics (BOOYAH!) and fully knowing that I was most likely to buy lots of nail varnish...

This polish by Beauty UK is called 'Cafe Culture' and is only a shocking £1.99! Except I probably got it for free because of the offer xD Even though most good nail varnishes are pretty damn expensive (OPI, Essie, w7, etc) I think Beauty UK are actually a pretty good brand! They don't get clogged up easily and they smooth when applying - so it's a thumbs up from me!

To be honest, it was a massive change from my usually vibrant and busy nails, so people actually noticed that they were a plain colour for once! But less can be just as nice as more, so I kept it simple this weekend after rockin' my crazy union jack nails. This swatch only took two coats to be opaque and I really love the nudity of the colour - very natural and simplistic.

If you happen to buy any Beauty UK - swatch it, capture it and show me :)

Thanks for reading x

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