Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 6 *Black & White Challenge* - Gradient Shmadient

'Gradient Shmadient'

Apologies for the late post!
I had a total creative block with this one and I hit smack. bang. into a brick wall alright :( Nevertheless I had to come up with something, so I rocked this little number on my nails for the gradient base with black part of the challenge! Not the biggest fan of the way it turned out, but hey ho, here you go ;)

For this design I decided to crack out my stamping plates - the same one that Nada used for her Day 1! Its a pretty unusual pattern and I quite like it :) Bit difficult to get it to fit your entire nail though, unless you have small/thin nails - which I kinda do! But not thin enough...?

These are the nail polishes I used!

Didn't really take me too long, but if you're going to apply stamps over a gradient base, you should ensure that the gradient base is fully dry otherwise it will all stick together and smudge and you won't get a good effect :( Patience is a virtue! :)

Hope you enjoy & thanks for reading! x

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You can see Nada's & Charlotte's here.

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