Saturday, 30 June 2012

Revlon's Matte 'Emerald City'

Hey guys!

I'm not a massive fan of swatch posts, even though a lot of nail bloggers do them often - just think they're a little boring! :( But I think the occassional swatch on a nail varnish that is a bit different is useful. So today's swatch post will be on one I did a while ago of one of new favourite nail varnishes. This one is called Emerald City (Which I love! Because it reminds me of the best childhood film ever - The Wizard of Oz!) and it's part of Revlon's Matte Collection - my nail buddy Nada got this one for me, so many thanks to her :)

At first I wasn't too keen, it seemed pretty liquidy and kind of watery but once it was on my nails I instantly fell in love! Now I'm on a hunt for more matte polishes and top coats. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to buy a matte top coat, but I will get one and review it asap.

Natural light

I put on two coats in this swatch, because I wanted the Emerald Green to look real opaque and matte, it kinda makes people look twice - you don't expect a nail varnish to usually look so full and matte in a good way and I do like the effect of not having a gloss to your nail varnish. You could get away with just one coat and probably a matte top coat, but I wasn't entirely happy with that so I opted for a second. One thing I was also impressed with was the time it took to dry ... SO FAST! And so convenient!

Artificial Light - Flash

Natural Light

Totally recommend this nail varnish to everyone :) It's a really deep and rich colour and pretty much looks good with everything. Thanks for reading and I'll update you all in my next post on how my prom nails went and what I got up to :)

Goodnight x

Ps. I was totally meant to update you guys on my new hair! :)



  1. Looks great! Piece of advice, don't buy the Rimmel matte coat - it wears off quickly! :)

    1. Thanks! I was gonna buy the Essie Matte Top Coat that I spotted in a shop closeby, heard its really good?