Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 7 *Black & White Challenge* - Moonies Are Back!

'Moonies Are Back!'

Today's mani theme was the famous half-moon manicure! But with some sort of black/white... I think I'm gonna give up apologising about the lateness because you all know... The challenge essentially has actually finished, but my posts are not quite there yet :P
Here's my little take on this theme, hope you like it - it's pretty self explanatory.

These are the nail varnishes I used, along with a small headed dotting
tool and some circular half-moon mani stickers that Nada
kindly gave me <3
I actually really liked the way this design looked, no matter how simple it is. I especially like the way the w7 'Metallic Saturn' looks with the black. I know I'll be taking my time in doing this one next time I'm rockin' the little black dress next time I'm out :)

I know this post was pretty short, thought I would explain it all with photos this time, saves you all reading my rambling thoughts that are typed out on here ;)
Let me know what you think of this little number!

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Adios amigos x

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