Thursday, 17 May 2012

DAY 1 *Black & White Challenge* - Barcodes R Us!

Good evening blog readers!
I am SO sincerely sorry for the late blog post - so much has been occurring in the daily life of the tiny little Aroosa.
Revision. Exams. Graduation (MOST EMOTIONAL DAY EVER! ;__;) and I've been oh so ill recently with Gastroenteritis (horrible bug indeed) :( So please find it in your sweet hearts to forgive my day of lateness with this post?! <3
Here's a cheeky little photo of me and my bestest friend Saranya on Graduation Day...

Officially, mine and Nada's challenge started yesterday but as I was stuck to my bed with a fever, I decided to post today instead and although it's kinda messy, I gave it a go! (But it was bloody hard when you're so shaky...)
I went for something pretty cool for my first day, instead of a pattern, you know just for the lols? xD
So here you have it... BARCODE NAILS! *cue light from heaven and rejoicing choir*

This post is pretty messed up :( I'm very unorganised today! I'm on a new PC, which hasn't got my Photoshop or anything on it so I haven't been able to add my copyright mark over the photos in a snazzy way and I refuse to use Paint! xD So you guys will have to just bare with me temporarily. Also, I apologise for the poor quality of photos, etc, I do admit it was all a little rushed.
Not my best or my favourite design, but hey! I gave it a go and I hope you can see the kind of idea I was going for :)

To check out Nada's design, just click on the link!

Day 1 is done & dusted! Stay tuned for tomorrow's Day 2...

Day 1: White Base With Black

Goodnight xx

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