Sunday, 20 May 2012

DAY 3 *Black & White Challenge* - Lithium


Today's nail design involves a band that I mentioned in my last post - they're such a blast from the past for me at the moment and I'm just getting back into listening to them. Ahh good old nostalgia :') The name of this design is after one of there songs.
That's right... You guessed it! My nails have indeed been inspired by the one and only Nirvana.

From left to right:
Dave Grohl (Drummer)
Kurt Cobain (Vocalist/Guitarist)
Krist Novoselic (Bassist)

For this design, I used quite a few nail polishes (5 to be exact...), some studs - which I love so much and can't get enough of (seriously) and a longish tipped brush - but not the longest, because lots of precision and patience was needed!

Hope this photo isn't too small?!

I made sure that on each nail I could do something different, yet colours or a symbol that may represent the band. Feast your eyes on these babies! - Which I am so happy with :)

My precious studs! :)

Day 1: White Base With Black
Day 2: Black Base With White
Day 3: White/Black Inspired By A Band

You can find Nada's post here.
Hope you enjoyed this little post, keep your eyes peeled for Day 4 - Every cloud has a glittery lining!

Adios amigos x


  1. I LOVE IT SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! <3
    Loooks great!!! Xxxx