Monday, 28 May 2012

DAY 4 *Black & White Challenge* - Cosmic Stripe

'Cosmic Stripe'

Apologies little nail followers for the extreme lateness with this post and consequently with Day 5 too :( As I said at the beginning of the challenge, lots of things will be happening and changing at this point in my life, so there will inevitably be lateness and of course everyone knows that I am #foreverlate... for everything.
However, I done it! It is here! And I hope you like it!
I introduce to you all... Day 4 of the challenge... ! (Which I decided to name 'Cosmic Stripe' because I guess it kinda reminded me of spaceyness...)

From left to right:
LA COLOURS (Star Light), Barry M (Base & Top Coat), W7 (Cosmic Green),
Beauty UK (Black No.6) - I used a brush & sponge too.

If I'm honest, I could have used some nail tape tomake straight lines but I'm not a massive fan of lots of glitter on my nails all the time so I kinda took it off straight after! Glitter is a PAIN IN THE BUM. So I opted out of the hassle of taking it off. I sponged on some glitter to make a gradient style on the nails which aren't striped and then decided I wanted to make use of some of the coloured glitter nail varnishes I own and added in Cosmic Green. It took quite a few coats of Star Light to look fully.. glittered up, but I got there eventually!

On the plus side, I finally got some storage for all my nail and beauty stuff, now I won't have everyone nagging at me to organise my nail stuff that I leave everywhere xD

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Adios mis amigos x

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