Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 5 *Black & White Challenge* - Fit For A Queen!

'Fit For A Queen'

"There ain't no black in the Union Jack" - Gilroy, Sociologist.
Well, there is in mine and an accent nail at that, too! You guessed it... My design for Day 5 has indeed been inspired by the Queen's Jubilee on June 5th, so I thought I would pay my tributes to that in terms of nails :) This time, I really did get creative and it's by far one of my favourite nail designs!

Here are the nail varnishes I used for this!

This was totally free hand using my nifty little brushes and I decided to jazz it up with an accent nail - black, white and glittery union jack, just to add some presence. I think the Queen would be impressed? ;)
Usually people ask me: "Did that take you long?!" and I often reply with "Nope, not really" but for reals, this time IT TOOK LONGGGGGG. Like forever. Like over an hour.
So folks, don't try this one out if you really don't have patience :P (Which I don't usually have a lot of surprisingly...)
Recently, the weather has been uber kind to us in England! SO HOT. Considering its only May! But I'm not complaining :) So I embraced the sun with open arms, some friends, a picnic blanket and of course... Starbucks! The nails have really matched the atmosphere where I live, everyone's getting patriotic and all summery and I love it!

Me and my chum Hazel sunnin' up :)

I decided that my nails matched what I wore in terms of British style - Burberry/Tartany cropped trousers and a cute little cherry flow skirt. I guess I really embraced the 70's/80's and 50's look whilst these babies were my nails!

Hope you all liked this design just as much as I do :) Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
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So get festive & enjoy! x

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